Practical, Intelligent Engineering

We are a unique team of specialist engineers with the sole focus of creating technical shading systems for extraordinary spaces. We are problem solvers, tinkerers, and sticklers for detail.

We seek to collaborate with architects and design teams as early in the process as possible, to specify a shading system specific to your project, that will disappear into its surroundings when not in use, harnessing the power of light and shade as positive architectural features, rather than restrictions or problems to be overcome later.

Sometimes great design is about what you can’t see. Building physics modelling and specialist mechanical and electrical engineering create shading systems that work in tune with aesthetics and atmosphere, evolving together with the building design, and delivering both efficacy and elegance.

Richard Guthrie

Our History

Picture the scene: A trade show in 1985; A spectacular glass atrium at Kuala Lumpur International Airport with a 60ft long sloping façade; and an architect with a vision to shade it with a single piece of motorized fabric. ‘Why not?’ thought Richard Guthrie, and back at the factory a single-minded determination to solve the problem prompted a hole in a wall to test his ideas, meticulous experimentation, and eventually a vision made into reality.

Today, still owned and managed by the Guthrie family, we combine that same restless will for invention with a focused, intelligent approach that has taken us from one engineer’s brilliant idea to world leaders in our field.