COVID-19 and BREXIT Updates



We hope that you, your loved ones and your businesses remain healthy despite the current challenges. In line with UK government regulations, many of our office staff are currently working at home. However, our switchboard +44 (0) 1926 310 850 remains open
You can contact us by email as follows:- Sales:
– Specification:
– Operations:
– Finance: accounts@guthriedouglas.comOur production facilities also currently remain fully open. If you have orders to place please contact us as early as possible to ensure that required timescales can be met.Even in this uncertain economic climate, Guthrie Douglas is expanding fast and we would like to thank you for your continuing trust and support. We will continue to make every effort to support you with your projects to a high standard over the coming weeks and months.



We were pleased to see the trade deal agreed between the UK and the EU. There are some minor administrative and taxation changes to be aware of when importing products into the EU from the UK.

Because a trade deal was agreed between the UK and the EU, no import taxes or ‘duty’ are payable when importing our products.

VAT is zero rated (ie. no VAT is charged by GD to you). Import VAT is payable by you on arrival in your country. Usually this is deferred using a deferred VAT & Duty account, and claimed back later when your VAT return is submitted. If you do not have a VAT deferment account set up already, your accounting department can set this up directly, or you can arrange with your freight forwarder to use their deferment account.

There may be some small additional administration fees associated with customs checks and paperwork. You are advised to check the details of this with your freight forwarder and/ or accounting department.

With best wishes from everyone at GD.