Fabric choices

Fabric selection is crucial in achieving the right end result for architectural shading projects, and there are hundreds of factors which may require consideration depending on the design context and performance specification.


These are the basic performance characteristics such as strength, stability, and durability. Will the fabric perform consistently over many years without creasing, tearing or requiring excessive maintenance? Will it meet basic building specification requirements such as fire retardancy, blackout requirements, or environmental performance criteria?

Primary considerations

The fabric must deliver the intended design aesthetic whilst striking the right balance of energy efficiency, heat control, glare reduction, and views to the outside.

Other factors

Are there any other specific requirements for the project such as privacy, insulation values, light pollution restrictions or concerns around thermal glass breakage?

Our approved fabrics

Our approved fabric collection has been carefully selected to provide a range of aesthetic and performance characteristics. They are meticulously tested for thousands of cycles in extreme conditions to ensure lasting performance.

Fabric Enquiry

There are thousands of technical fabrics on the market, many of which are compatible with TESSTM systems. For fabrics outside of our approved collection, we can carry out a desktop suitability assessment at no charge. Alternatively, you can submit a sample of the fabric to our testing service, used by many of the industry’s fabric experts as a performance benchmark.