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Intelligent Daylight Control

We believe that blinds form an integral part of the façade when specified alongside the glazing and selecting the optimum fabric. The next stage of this is for the motorisation and connection to a full blind automation system providing a holistic approach to the whole solar performance of the façade.

Using our experience which dates back to the development of the first electronic shading control system, the PILOTpc, Guthrie Douglas are able to provide shading control solutions developed with the whole building model in mind.

Intelligent Daylight Control is aimed at providing greater overall building performance which can result in a saving 15 – 20% of buildings total energy consumption by responding to true building conditions benefitting optimal heating and cooling along with optimal use of internal lighting.

Working through a series of logic paths which work from the sun’s azimuth in relation to the building and take into account true measured conditions, façade position and elevation along with the surrounding environment we can control the shading to provide optimum performance.

Teaming this level of control with a shading system fitted with digital intelligent motors, each with their own IP address, can allow for reduced cabling leading to benefits when remodelling of the floorspace takes place as the blinds can be reprogrammed and regrouped without the need for additional control or cabling.

This level of automation provides a greater benefit meaning that shading is used only when it is needed allowing natural light into the building when it is needed most. Comparing this to a building which is provided with manual shading systems gives a greater frequency of use, meaning that the cost is benefit is offset over the lifecycle of a building.

The solutions that we provide can be tailored to the specification of each project with communication protocols ranging from KNX through to MQTT which can be installed with the common approach of a BUS line or connected to the building IP at dedicated points. We can even provide a solution which communicates over the buildings WiFi.

Early collaboration is key and our Project Consultant team are available to discuss and understand the needs of the client to develop the right solution for each project and provide specification advice and support from concept through to delivery.

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