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Monte Carlo, Monaco

The Fairmont Monte Carlo hotel is a prestigious 4-star property located in the heart of Monaco, opposite the world-renowned F1 Grand Prix hairpin.

The hotel’s Horizon Rooftop restaurant and bar offers a panoramic 360-degree view of the Principality’s iconic Opera House, Prince’s Palace, and Casino, with a stunning backdrop of the Riviera and the Mediterranean Sea.

However, the hotel faced a challenge of ensuring guest comfort while they were enjoying these views from the exterior of the building during the midday sun.

The Challenge: Enhance guest experience by extending shaded seating to the exterior.

The hotel aimed to enhance the guest experience by extending shaded seating beyond the interior of the restaurant. The goal was to create a relaxing outdoor seating area with spectacular views while providing protection from the midday sun.

The client required a shading system that could be easily retracted and would have a prolonged lifespan with minimal maintenance requirements.

The Result: Retractable exterior shading system for enhanced guest experience.

To address these challenges, the hotel implemented a TESS™640 retractable shading system. The system extended outward from the building, drawing guests outside to enjoy the views.

The fabric shading provided relief for diners while also allowing for the possibility of retraction in the evenings, enabling guests to enjoy their food and drinks with unobstructed views of Monaco.

The TESS™640 retractable shading system proved to be a successful solution for the Fairmont Monte Carlo hotel. The system provided the desired protection from the sun while also enhancing the guest experience by extending the usable seating areas outdoors.
The minimal maintenance requirements and prolonged lifespan of the system ensured a cost-effective solution for the hotel.
The guests can now enjoy their dining experience with the amazing view of Monaco without any interruptions.


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