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Latvian Museum of Art

Latvian Museum
Latvian Museum
Latvian Museum
Latvian Museum
Latvian Museum Interior Facades


Internal façades

Building type

Museums and Leisure


Processoffice UAB, Andrius Skiezgelas Architecture

Delivery Partner

Multisell Sistemas

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Riga, Latvia

About The Latvian Museum of Art

Innovative double fabric shading installation for a multipurpose space

The Latvian Museum of Art in Riga houses over 52,000 pieces in a historic building originally designed by the German architect Wilhelm Neumann. The Museum has recently undergone an extensive renovation, including the conversion of the huge attic space into a new multi-purpose exhibition and events area.

The floor to ceiling sloped windows in the newly converted attic space flood the room with light and provide stunning views of the city. However, for some exhibitions, the light level must be regulated to protect the artwork whilst providing a pleasant viewing environment. For others, the light must be blocked completely.

To achieve this adaptability, we collaborated with Multisell Sistemas to design a solution that would allow both a blackout and a translucent fabric to be applied to each window. Using compact TESS™ 660 technology, dual fabric guides were installed onto the slim glazing mullions, and motorised fabric barrels were integrated into the ceiling and flooring, with one fabric operating top down and another from bottom to top when required. Both fabrics are kept completely flat using a torsion spring concealed in the barrel, and held in the guides with a zip for strength and reliability.

The end result is a multipurpose exhibition and event space with variable, precise light control at the touch of a button.

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