Case study

The Florentinum



External façades

Building type

Commercial Office


Jakub Ciglar

Delivery Partner

Hunter Douglas Czechia

Main contractor

Penta Investments




Prague, Czech Republic

About The Florentinum

Heat protection for a curved glass façade

The largest office building in Prague, the Florentinum with its retail arcade, piazza and garden covers a total of 49,000 square metres. The 9 storey high administrative building houses some of the highest quality office space available in Prague.

A curved glass façade is a specific design feature of the Florentium. The design in itself created challenges for the management of light and shade and the need to ensure the optimum comfort for those using and engaging with the space. It was absolutely critical therefore that working with the architect as part of the design team we offered a well-considered solution. The Guthrie Douglas TESS™ 400 external system was chosen and aligned to the structural glass design. The TESS™ 400 uses relieving rollers to allow the blind to flow around the curve and small ultra-thin cable to keep the fabric tensioned. When fitted to the external façade of the Florentinum it allowed the architectural effect of the curve to remain striking even when the blinds were deployed, as well as working as a heat shield on hotter days.

Architect, Jakub Ciglar describes the project – “The Florentinum Project is a fascinating opportunity for an architect, an opportunity to create a distinctive building intended to become elegant and timeless. For me, however, the most significant factor is the opportunity to create in the very centre of Prague two entirely new urban spaces, a public square and a garden in places long neglected, and which will now positively influence the face of the city.”

The design reflects the ambition of its investment group owners’ Penta, in taking their first step into commercial real estate development in the Czech Republic.

The TESS™ 400’s adaptability makes it an ideal solution for shading domes/ bubbles or half cylinder sky lights. Guthrie Douglas products are often installed in challenging, hard to reach places and in this case, Hunter Douglas’ installation team used abseiling equipment to reach the required position, with the support of Guthrie Douglas on site for product refresher training and installation supervision.

The elements presented us with more than one challenge in a project in Paris, on the viewing platform of the Montparnasse Tower.

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