External Blinds

External fabric shading is the most effective protection against heat gain. Joint specification of glass and external blinds at an early stage in the design process can reduce energy demand for cooling by over 70% and lighting by over 50% without losing the view to the outdoors. Guthrie Douglas’ tensioned façade blinds are designed for extreme wind-resistance and minimal maintenance, and can be integrated within the curtain wall structure for a clean look, or set out from the façade on steel cables to allow ventilation between the fabric and the glass.

More Information about External Blinds

Why external blinds?

Our external blinds are specifically designed to fit the façade of your building. Unlike internal blinds, external blinds can prevent heat from making direct contact with the glass. Tensioned façade blinds actively adapt to varying conditions and can be integrated within the curtain wall or façade structure for a clean look. They can also be set out from the façade using stainless steel cable guides to create the illusion of floating fabric. This enables you retain the unique appearance of your façade whilst not compromising the outward vision.

Benefits of external blinds

External blinds can reduce energy demand for cooling by over 70% and lighting by over 50% without losing the view to the outdoors. This makes for a more comfortable building environment preventing unwanted heat gain and glare. External blinds can also protect the interior of a building by ensuring both furniture and floors are protected from fading caused by solar heat and UV rays.

In all weather conditions, external blinds block or allow a certain percentage of UV rays to come through into the building. This alleviates the need for air conditioning, artificial light and winter heating by naturally regulating the thermal gain within a building. Incoming solar rays are source of natural light and heat the room naturally, eliminating the need for climate control devices.

Why choose us?

Guthrie Douglas create blind systems tailored to your individual requirements. We do so by taking you through the entire design process from conception through to installation. Our blinds for external façades can be designed for a variety of configurations with unlimited colour finishes. We also provide a wide range of fabrics and controls that are available to suit any building design. We offer a wide range of automated external roller blinds to ensure the climate of your building is regulated with minimal effort.
We ensure that maximum performance and a long service life is guaranteed as we are often involved in overseeing the installation of our own blinds. Our engineering expertise combined with our truly bespoke approach deliver commercial blinds that work in tune with your building design and performance.

To find out more about our ranges of external blinds for facades, contact us at our head office today.

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