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L’Archipel Vinci

L’Archipel Vinci - Guthrie Douglas
L’Archipel Vinci - Guthrie Douglas
L’Archipel Vinci - Guthrie Douglas
L’Archipel Vinci - Guthrie Douglas
L’Archipel Vinci - Guthrie Douglas

type d'ouvrage

immeuble de bureaux


Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés and Marc Mimram Architecture

Delivery Partner

Coveris and DAT Verrières


TESS™100, TESS™101, TESS™140, TESS™640


Nanterre, France

Natural daylight, controlled heat and glare, discrete design.

Vinci’s spectacular new headquarters are in the Nanterre district of Paris, built as part of a masterplan to regenerate disused railway land. The interior has been carefully designed to provide a range of varied spaces to facilitate inspiration and teamwork.

At the heart of the design are a number of unique glass atria with a variety of openings of different shapes and sizes, flooding the spaces below with natural daylight.

The design team realised the importance of controlling heat and glare in theseis areas, but also wanted to retain
the minimalist nature of the design, so an integrated shading solution was required that would hardly be visible when not in use.

Coveris and DAT verrieres worked with Guthrie Douglas to design a number of retractable shading solutions for these spaces, ranging from rectangular and trapezoidal rooflight systems to bottom-up cable guided tension systems designed to remain still against openable windows.

The end result integrates seamlessly with the surrounding structure and follows the complex geometry of the façade. In some areas the systems are designed to be almost invisible when not in use, whilst in others stainless steel guide cables and tension mechanisms are deliberately on display, complementing the timber frame ‘greenhouse style’ workspace.

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