Bespoke Blinds

Guthrie Douglas manufactures a wide range of high-quality bespoke blinds and shading systems for a range of commercial applications. They provide superior temperature and light control whilst having minimal effect on the building’s aesthetic appeal.

Why create bespoke?

In modern architecture many structures are created with bespoke elements many of which are individual. This means that standard blinds and shading systems do not suit the needs of the occupants. It is imperative that when looking at creating modern structures with significant amounts of glass, that a shading system is planned from the outset. Bespoke vertical blinds and roller blinds fit to any facade system and find the perfect window covering for controlling thermal gain.

Effective shading systems

We can supply a full range of technically advanced fabric shading systems made to measure for a perfect fit. Regardless of the structure’s shape or size we can produce shading systems that are both aesthetic and functional, whilst ensuring that the building’s occupants are out of the solar glare and cool through all parts of the working day. Using a concealed torsion spring and a motor within the fabric barrel allows for the creation of unusual sizes, shapes, and applications. Early collaboration on bespoke design work enables optimum fabric coverage and integration of bespoke systems into the surrounding structures.

Why choose us?

Creative experimentation and precise engineering is at the heart of what we do. Almost any structure can be shaded, including horizontal, sloping, bottom up, duo-screens, curved, triangular, and extra-large glazing. Our systems are also available in a range of colours and automations to make your conception a reality.

We ensure that maximum performance and a long service life is guaranteed as we are often involved in overseeing the installation of our own bespoke blinds. Our engineering expertise combined with our truly bespoke approach deliver commercial blinds that work in tune with your building design and performance. This gives our customers peace of mind that our quality product range is coupled with superior customer service.

To find out more about our bespoke blinds, contact us at our head office today.