Curved Blinds

Guthrie Douglas manufacture a wide range of high quality curved blinds for multiple commercial applications. Our blinds provide superior sun protection, such as light and temperature control.

Why Curved Blinds?

Curved glazing presents tough challenges for most blinds. Curved blinds can overcome these challenges without compromising on style. Our range of curved blinds includes the TESSTM 100 series, TESSTM 200 series and TESSTM 400 series.

Benefits of Curved Blinds

Relieving rollers allow the blind to follow the direction of the curve whilst ultra-thin tension cables maintain fabric tension. Our single barrel mechanism keeps the fabric constantly under tension and produces a smooth, quiet travel. Our rollers and tension system allow for the freedom to move around curves, at any angle, any direction, anywhere. Dependant on the head rail, our curved vertical blinds allow for seamless integration with curved facades or larger commercial bay window systems.


Why choose us?

Guthrie Douglas create blind systems tailored to your individual requirements. We do so by taking you through the entire design process from conception through to installation. Our curved blinds can be designed for a variety of configurations with unlimited colour finishes. We also provide a wide range of fabrics and controls that are available to suit any building design.

We ensure that maximum performance and a long service life is guaranteed as we are often involved in overseeing the installation of our own blinds. Our engineering expertise combined with our truly bespoke approach deliver commercial blinds that work in tune with your building design and performance.


To find out more about our ranges of curved blinds contact us at our head office today.