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Darling Quarter

Darling Quarter blinds
Darling Quarter blinds
Darling Quarter - Guthrie Douglas


Glass roofs & atria

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Museums and Leisure



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Sydney, Australia

A unique tension system fit for dramatic triple-height atrium

The Darling Quarter precinct is a triumph of technology as the irregular curved design of the building ensures that no two facades are the same. In total the buildings incorporate 55,000 square metres of office space designed in a campus-style formation to reactivate the precinct as a public space.

A dramatic triple-height atrium is one of the central design elements of the project. It not only forms a breath-taking feature it is also integral in the project’s lighting, heating and cooling system. The atrium’s curved ceiling design incorporates shaped glass panels which required the solar control system to be carefully considered, designed and thoroughly tested before installation.

A unique tension blind system was needed which would retract precisely, preventing any fabric sagging or operation difficulties over the entire length. The TESS™200 system was chosen by contractors Horiso as the fabric openness allowed light filtration and minimised solar gain.

A number of challenges were overcome in achieving a successful installation for this project, including access to the façade at the equivalent of 8 storeys in height, a span of 56 metres and a pitch of 37 degrees. The blinds were engineered to follow the curve of the façade panels at 3.2m wide and 13m long, and programmed to respond to the changing daylight and other environmental conditions throughout the day.

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