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The Rotunda

rotunda warsaw
The Rotunda - Guthrie Douglas
The Rotunda - Guthrie Douglas




Gowinsiuta Studio




Warsaw, Poland

Lightness, translucency, and transparency with tension blinds

Regarded as one of the most iconic buildings of the PRL period, the Rotunda in central Warsaw is again open following a two-year revitalization project. The structure has been redeveloped in a bid to update it for modern times. It is now a multifunctional space open to all.

A showcase glass entrance zone brings the users to level +4.55m. City Lounge’s entrance zone is safely separated from the bank function located on Rotunda’s ground and underground levels.

42 large TESSTM100 tensioned systems and 42 roller blinds equipped with Panama Pro 5% white-grey fabric were fitted on this project. The building is said to be 17,7% more energy efficient than a reference building. It features a botanical garden with 17.000 plants. There are numerous touchscreens with information for the public in order to avoid paper brochures. All adding up to an ecological project with a range of environmental initiatives.

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