What are tensioned blinds?

Tension Blinds at Wellcome Trust

TESSTM tensioned blinds utilise a unique torsion spring mechanism combined with ultra-thin tension cable to provide perfectly flat, smooth-running fabric shading for a vast range of façade and glazing applications.

This innovative means of constant tensioning – neatly contained alongside the motor in a single barrel – ensures that all of the fabric remains flat, all of the time. There’s none of the puckering or wrinkling that can occur with other tensioning methods.

The Benefits

Guthrie Douglas have taken this tensioning method and created an extensive array of technical shading systems, suitable for shading even the most extraordinary spaces. Our blinds are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, capable of covering anything from skylights to skyscrapers. We can:

  • Shade curved glazing using relieving rollers.
  • Install systems internally or externally, at any angle.
  • Supply systems with full blackout capability.
  • Fully conceal tension cables and mechanisms.
  • Provide systems with that impose minimal load on their surroundings, for lighter façades and structures.
  • Pair systems with fantastically quiet motors that offer a variety of programmable functions.


Fabric is a key component in a high-performance blind system. Guthrie Douglas engineers have carefully selected – after rigorous testing – a collection of high quality, durable fabrics with varying environmental and aesthetic properties to suit your design requirements. Available in a myriad of colours, the collection encompasses fabrics with varying levels of light, glare and heat gain mitigation, as well as other specialist properties. Here are just a few of our fabric types:

The Challenge

Modern glazing can present tough challenges for most blinds. With Guthrie Douglas providing bespoke solutions and project support from concept to installation, these challenges can be solved without compromising architectural style.

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