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Sydney, Australia

No gambling on reliable shading for new VIP Gaming Room

The Star casino in Sydney has upgraded its luxurious high-roller area called the Sovereign Room. The refurbishment project comprises complex works to the eastern side of the existing Sovereign VIP Gaming Room to provide an improved guest experience. Creating over 6,500sqm of additional space and including new gaming areas, kitchen and dining, vertical access, amenities and back of house facilities.

An array of shading solutions were supplied and installed to the large glass window facades including heavy duty motorised cable guided roller shades using CRE+Vestamatic control and TESSTM shading tension systems. TESSTM440 blinds were fitted in the Chairmans section, an exclusive area for the highest rollers and Diamond members.

The TESSTM440 is designed to deliver reliability, discretely. Slim wire guides make it easy to design for near invisibility when retracted. The single barrel mechanism keeps the fabric constantly under tension and produces a smooth, quiet travel.

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